Tastes change as years progress. Fine dining is set aside for casual eats, pop-up spots become trendy, and taste horizons expand. While there are a lot of food trends this year, there have been other trends in restaurant eating that are changing the game. Here are some of the biggest trends in restaurants in 2018!

Off-premise Eating

Thanks to the surge of services like SkipTheDishes and UberEats, people have come to enjoy restaurant meals in the comfort of their own home with ease. Considering this, restaurants are adjusting. Many restaurants now are expanding takeaway counters to streamline those who are picking up their meals or who are picking up delivery. They are also creating takeaway zones in parking lots and at the side of the road to make things easier too. The way that food is being designed and packaged to make traveling home and reheating easier!


Consumers are starting to demand more sustainability from their businesses, and restaurants are responding to this. There are many ways that restaurants are jumping onto his trend and this includes cleaner supply chains, ingredient sourcing, buying local, tackling food waste, and what types of packaging leftovers go home in. Many restaurants are now only providing straws if they are requested. Foo waste is a huge problem in the restaurant industry and approximately 1,250 calories per person, per day, are wasted. Whether through better practices or donation many restaurants are looking to change that.

Embracing Tech

Technology is helping restaurants run better than ever before. With the front of house programs, it has never been easier for restaurants to manage their everyday business. One trend though, to try and help restaurants keep business, is to use technology to prevent patrons from going elsewhere. Traditionally, if you are busy and there is a long line of people waiting, new patrons will not want to join the line and will just go elsewhere. By embracing technology, restaurants now can send alerts to patron’s phones to tell them their table is ready so that they can enjoy walking around town while they wait for a table rather than clogging up the front area of the restaurant.

Booze-free Beverages

Global alcohol consumption is falling, and beer and other liquor sales are going down along with it. Instead of just your everyday average pop and juice, restaurants are starting to come up with fun non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic drinks for patrons to enjoy instead of your traditional cocktail. Not only is this a great thing for your patrons, but it enables restaurant owners to capture customers who would otherwise not be purchasing drinks. It isn’t just juice and soda either; there are so many creative options out there to help boost sales and keep customers happy.

Sometimes, no matter how enticing trends may be, it is nice to sit down with friends and have something traditional. At Brickyards Public Eatery, you get all the best parts of a sports bar and a pub rolled into one, with food and drinks that will leave you wanting more. Come to visit us in Yaletown today and take in the game!