Some use cocktail foam to create a visually appealing effect. Others blend fruit or fruity flavours and colours with alcohol to create the desired effect. If you are a self-respecting home bartender who has a special talent to mix drinks, browse below for some of the most visually spectacular cocktails to impress your friends.

A Pinterest-worthy cocktail depends on a few important factors: premium alcohol, presentation, and the bartender’s special touch. Only if these three factors come together harmoniously can a quality concoction be created. It doesn’t end there. You also need the perfect glass to serve it in and then christen it with an unforgettable name to make magic.

Check out some of the world’s top favourites to inspire your creations.

Rainbow Sangria

Raining outside? Once it stops, check for the rainbow. If you can’t find it up in the sky, just create your own. Like its name, the cocktail has all the colours of an ethereal rainbow blended with the tang of Sangria. No need to bring out seven different alcohol brands to create this mix. Just stack up seven fruits to create the effect. Pick and choose with great attention to colour. You need red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, violet and indigo coloured fruits. Place them one on top of the other in a tall glass. Add lime juice, dry white wine, soda and a little honey. Sip slowly while you search for the pot of gold.

White Negroni

A specialty at Gin Palace in New York, White Negroni is recognized as one of the strongest cocktails in the world. A take on the iconic Italian Negroni cocktail that is made from one part gin, one part vermouth rosso and one part Campari served with orange peel garnish, this variation has a twist. It has a base-spirit proof of 114 mixed with bittersweet citrus flavours, class Negroni, Saler’s aperitif, Perry’s Tot gin and one part of bianco vermouth. One of the earliest reviews of the original drink said “the bitters are excellent for your liver; the gin is bad for you. They balance each other.” Care to try?

Black Thai Optional

Simplicity has its own charm. For a full-bodied flavour with a dark drama that captures interest in an instant, try this concoction. The drink is the colour of midnight. The flavours are an intriguing blend of gin, Amaro, lychee liqueur, egg whites, lemon juice, syrup and a pinch of coconut charcoal sprinkled for effect. Let the dream begin.

Ron Zacapa Blazer

Featured among the world’s best, this classic creation served at Eau de Vie’s bars in Sydney and Melbourne fills you with warmth. Not surprising since the cocktail is made with the premium rum produced in Guatemala – Ron Zacapa. The rum was the result of blending, stabilizing and maturing age-old rums by the famous doctor and chemist Alejandro Burgaleta. The Blazer is flamed with Pedro Ximenez sherry and a hint of house blended bitters to leave you enthralled.

Forever Young

If a presentation is an art, this cocktail is a masterpiece. Served at Artesian Hotel Bar at The Langham, London, the UK where cocktails celebrate glamour and style in innovative ways, the drink is served with great pomp and artistry in a metal container partially hidden behind a mirror, scented with opium incense. The blend marries Grey Goose vodka, Martini Extra Dry, eucalyptus, Maraschino, and citrus. Forget the years! Stay forever young with just a few sips.

Phat Sports Lounge

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